Kentucky-style corn – incredibly tasty

Царевица по рецепта на KFC

If you have stored milk corn in the freezer, you can do it or try it as a kid, or as it is in KFC. In one case, you will awaken precious memories, in the other you will smell your senses with taste and aroma!


7 pcs. Corn
1 pack of butter cow
4 tablespoons of sugar
1 l of fresh milk


In a cooking pot, put the milk, sugar and butter on the hot plate. Once the solids melt and the milk boils, arrange the cobs with milk corn inside.

Fill with cold water to cover the corn. One and a half hours to a full softening of the grains. Watch maize be continually covered with water.

Once cooked, each of the cobs is wrapped in foil while still hots. The purpose is to suffocate and thus produce the unique taste that corn has in Kentucky!


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