Mish-mash Banitsa: The favorite national dish in bacon bark

Рецепта за миш маш баница

As a fan of experiments in the cousine, we believe that even traditional Bulgarian recipes can be made differently. Here, the simple mouse-mash can turn into a banitsa if you do it in bark.


Half a packet of curls
150 g green peppers
100 g roasted red peppers.
150 grams of peppers variety “Sivria”
1 big tomato
2 big onions
300 g of cheese
300 g of cow butter
A bunch of parsley


Cut all vegetables.
In some of the oil, fry onions and green peppers. When tender, add cubes tomatoes and red peppers. Seasons with pepper and smoke until the juice evaporate.
Separate the eggs separately. Add crushed cheese and parsley. Mix well and pour over the vegetable squeeze when it cools.
Take a wide piece of cooking paper. Wet it and oil with oil. Arrange two of the corners to each other. Lubricate with oil.
Put more bark on them. Also smeared. Continue until half of the packet is over.
Place the paper with the baking tray in a pan. Make a recess. Pour into it the vegetable – the egg mixture for the mash.
This part of the crust that is outside the pan is folded over the mash-mix mixture. The paper outside the pan is removed so that it does not catch on the hot plate.
Season the meal while grabbing a crusty crust on the bottom. Then move the mash-tum pastry into a pre-heated 180 degree oven. Bake an hour!


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