Wine Butter: A dish for cooking and eating

Добавка за готвене, месо и разядка: масло с вино рецепта

Cooking supplement, meat and casserole: butter with wine recipe.
Wine is often used to cook many recipes, giving them a special flavor and aroma. Depending on the other products, white or red wine may be used, and the alcohol evaporates during the heat treatment. After it remains only a wonderful taste that complements the delicious dishes. If you are fond of wine in the food, we offer you an unusual but very simple recipe that will make your kitchen taste and refine your own handwriting. Have you heard of wine with oil? It is very easy to prepare and only a small piece changes the food completely.


1 pack of unsalted butter
1 bottle of dry wine (we recommend Sauvignon Blancо or Cabernet Sauvignon.)
2 tablespoons of sugar
Baking paper

If you like, you can add onions, fresh spices and even fruits for more flavor


Put the wine and sugar in a larger pot and put them on a moderate hot plate until they start to breathe. Then reduce to low heat until the ingredients thicken. Remove from the hot plate to let the sauce cool down. Then add the oil that was previously crushed with a mixer in this mixture. Stir slowly and gently until all ingredients are in a homemade sauce. Move the mixture into baking paper and roll it in roll. Put in the refrigerator to tighten.

This wine-flavored oil and other flavor additives can be used to prepare all the dishes you have previously used for wine. Elegantly add all the souces. It can cover different types of meat and fish. You can even use it as a paste on a piece of toasted bread and enjoy an unusual taste.


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