Lazy Napoleon – classic flavor and incredible speed of cooking

Рецепта за мързелив наполеон

“Napoleon” is a favorite dessert for both small and large. Made from puff pastry, unsweetened and soaked with a sweet delicate cream (cream or condensed milk). It’s an incredibly delicious treat, but the recipe today is its quicker but also appetizing version.


800 g biscuits
1 liter of milk
4 eggs
150 g of butter
100 g of sugar
6 tablespoons of wheat flour
vanilla sugar (to taste)

1. In a large bowl you must sift the flour and add eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar. Mix well and add one liter of milk.
2. Mix the mixture at low temperature while stirring continuously.
3. Add the oil when the cream cools.
4. Dip the biscuits into cream one and one and place them on the plate of layers. You’ll get 5-6 layers of cake.
5. Swab the cake with the remaining cream and sprinkle crumbs on the cookies.


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