Spicy caviar with an appetizing aroma – super efficient and against the flu

Постен анти грип хайвер

Prepared in a jar and stored in the fridge, this vegetarian caviar can also be enjoyed as a delicious snack in the winter and in the fight against the flu and other seasonal illnesses.


For caviar

1/2 old bread,
1/2 or a whole garlic head
1/2 hour cup of finely ground walnuts
1 t of turmeric
salt and olive oil – to taste

For a booster additive

Hot peppers
1 bunch of dill
olive oil and salt to taste


We whiten the crust of dry bread. Soak it in water and then drain it well. Put it in a blender with the other spices without olive oil. Break into middle grade and add less of plant fat – according to our taste.
Once cooked, chop finely chopped peppers and dill. Mix them and season with spices.
Caviar and supplement may be brought together or separately. Consumed, even a little bit per day, guarantee iron health and immunity.


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