Loved-sweet wine – perfect for a holiday, and for every day

Любовно греяно вино - любовен глинтвайн рецепта

Instead of arguing what is celebrated today, give yourself a glass of love wine. It combines wines, fruits, flavors and is a real fire for the blood and heart!

Required products: 

1 ½ hrs. Red wine
1 ½ hrs. White wine
1 piece of orange, mandarin and apple
1-2 sticks of cinnamon
A bunch of raisins
1 tablespoon natural honey
Stir Coriander
2-3 grains of white pepper


The fruits are peeling. Citruses are divided into pieces, the apple is cut into several pieces. Put everything in a deep metal container.
Blend the blame and other ingredients without a honey. You put it on a warm heat. Remove before the wine is boiled – as soon as white foam appears. After 40 minutes, you sweeten with honey. Drain and serve the mulled wine.


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