Easy tiramisu – fluffy pleasure in no time

Рецепта за лесно тирамису

The favorite tiramisu can be prepared in different ways, but we love simple and quick recipes.

Required products:

1 kg. “Mascarpone”
1 box of biscuits
2 pcs. eggs
2 tsp. sugar
Prepared espresso
Essence with your favorite fragrance
Chocolate flakes


Crush the mascarpone with eggs and sugar, add sugar. You need to get a white, fluffy mixture.
Dip each biscuit into the espresso and pull out. Half the stack in a tray. Spread them half the white mixture.
On the “white” layer, arrange the second biscuit layer, which you deliciously sprinkle with espresso to get wet. You roll a new line of fluffy layer from the other part of a broken mascarpone.
Spread chocolate chips on it and put the tiramisu in the refrigerator.


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