Easter Bunny

Великденски заек
Великденски заек

A wonderful recipe that you can prepare not only, but on Easter. A new spirit of upcoming holidays, I introduce you in a thematic version – Easter bunny.


900 g of flour
400 ml of fresh milk at room temperature
2 proteins
1/2 pack of yeast
1 coffee spoon with oil
2 tea cups. Sugar
100 ml of oil.

For decoration:

Pimp Cloves for the eyes.
Almonds for teeth.


Mix the dough from all the dishes and let it warm for about 60-70 minutes warm.
Then divide the dough into pieces and start shaping the bunnies. Shaping is done as follows.
1. Divide the whole dough into 4 equal parts.
2. Each piece of 8 pieces – 2 larger and six smaller.
3. The largest part of the slightly elliptical shape – this will be the rabbit’s belly. From one of the smaller balls, form a smaller piece for the head. It is good to be in the circle. The other six balls are used for the hands, legs and ears. You can make your arms and legs for your waist and attach them to the body with your eyelids if you’re worried they will fall. Slightly lift and extend your ears and attach them in a different way.
4. For the eyes, put two cloves of the cloves.
5. Divide almonds lengthwise and use them for teeth.
6. Allow them to pour another 30 minutes.
Lubricate with yellow and bake 25 – 30 minutes at 180 degrees at the front.
Enjoy your meal!


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