New Year’s Cake “Kiss”

Рецепта за Торта за Нова година от Целувки

Everyone who loves the delicate and delicate flavor of sweet temptations will appreciate the New Year’s Cake “Kiss.” It has the shape of a New Year’s Wreath, not only looks festive but also delicious.

Eggs from eggs – 4 pieces
Pinch of salt
Powder sugar – 300 g
Wheat flour sifted – 2 teaspoons
White vinegar – 1 teaspoonful
Raspberry jam – 3 teaspoons
Fresh or frozen raspberries – 125 g
Lemon – ½
Cream – 300 ml

For decoration – leaves mint, fruit.


Beat the proteins with a mixer until they get the most of the foam. Add some powdered sugar, lemon juice, flour and vinegar.

Place baking paper in the respective container.

Spread the proteins and make a circle with them.

Place them in a 120-degree fan with a fan for about 2 hours. Once the oven stops, do not rush to get the proteins, leave them for at least 30 minutes.

Mix the fresh or frozen raspberries with sugar to taste.

Garnish the finished round kiss with raspberry puree, add jam, decorate with strawberries, cherries or pomegranate seeds and mint leaves. Let your cake become a unique New Year’s Wreath!


In order for there to be no “accidents” in the festive night, keep in mind some old but golden rules.

– When baking a dessert, do not open the oven to keep the cake from falling.
– Make sure the products are at room temperature, especially when using cream or eggs.
– Do not save effort to break the cream or egg whites – let the mixture become thick and dense.


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