Crêpes Suzette – the most famous dessert of French cuisine

Креп Сюзет палачинки по френски рецепти

In the week of the pancake, we present a real temptation in French. Crêpes Suzette is not just a culinary pleasure, but a delicate affection for all the senses of gourmets.

Necessary products:

For the dough from which pancakes will be made:

Flour – 3 tsp.
60 ml of fresh milk
Eggs – 4pcs.
Vanilla – a packet
pinch of salt
sugar – 2 tsp.
Cow butter (with which you will fry)

For syrup:

Oranges – 2pcs.
Butter – 2 tablespoons
sugar 3 tsp.
50 ml cognac or brandy
75 ml of orange liqueur

About Sweet:

lemons – 6pcs.
sugar – 200g.
glucose – 2 ml

Method of preparation:

Mix well the flour, vanilla, salt and sugar. Separate the milk with the eggs and when a homogenous mixture is obtained, add it to the flour by continuing to beat with a stir bar.
From the resulting dough, fry the pancakes.
Then the oranges are filleted. Remove the sauce and fillets and cut a small portion of the bark into thin strips.
Boil the pan and add the butter, sugar and cognac and start mixing. The ready mix is ​​ignited as soon as the flame burns, add the orange juice, bark and fillets.
Fold the pancakes at four and flame them with a liqueur.
Fly the lemon. Then place the fillets and juice in a cooking container adding mint, sugar and glucose. Once the mixture is boiling, reduce the heat and leave until it thickens.
Spread the prepared Crêpes Suzette with lemon marmalade.


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