French cream soup with an onion and breadsticks

Крем супа лучена рецепта

The recipe for onion soup is one of the most popular in French cuisine. But what if you recommend something even more fragrant and nutritious than that ?! Cream with an onion is tastier and saturate – perfect for the middle of winter.


500 g of an onion
500 g leek
200 ml of cream for cooking
50 g butter dough
1 l of broth
rosemary blade
salt and pepper – to taste

For breadsticks:

200 g of puff pastry
1 egg
salt to taste
sesame for sprinkling


Cut vegetables – onion, jelly, circles. Fry them in the oil by adding salt, pepper and rosemary. Put on a lid to make a good choke for a dozen minutes.

Add cream then to them. Pass and drain the excess.

Cut the puff of dough into thin strips. You can make breadsticks them to more attractive. Arrange them in a tray and cover them well with a broken yolk. Bake them golden in a moderate oven and serve them with hot soup.


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