Beautiful Ice Cubes for Festive Drinks

Как се правят красиви кубчета за коктейли

At the festive table every detail matters, even the ice.

If there is a synchronization of the festive mass, it makes the atmosphere even more exciting. Beautifully arranged napkins, flower arrangements or dry items, elegant tablecloths or pads – all add to the mood and excite people.

Ice cubes are no exception. They give an exquisite look to New Year’s Drinks.

To get some great ice, use:

Pure water – filtered or bottled
Ice Cube trays
Fresh strawberries or other bright berries
Rosemary roast
Fruit twig or any kind of grape fruit
Caramel candy or other colorful candy.

Pour some of the water into ice molds. Add to them rosemary, chopped currants or physalis, . Pour the rest of the water until the shapes are filled and the ingredients are covered. Freeze for a few hours.
Here you now have wonderful New Year pins for the festive drinks!


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