Coca-Cola muffins: Recipe for Cakes that you have never tried

Рецепта за мъфини с кока кола

For lovers of American cakes, this recipe for muffins will appeal to them because it’s like nothing they have not tried to date.


500 ml of coca-cola
120 cacao
120g. butter, cubes
250g. sugar
100g. Brown sugar
240 g of flour
2 flat spoonfuls of baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs

Method of preparation:

Heat the oven to 160 degrees. Cover each of the blow molds with baking paper and cover them well with oil.
In a small pot, put the coca-cola, the cocoa and the oil to dissolve in moderate heat.

When the ingredients are combined, add the sugar and stir until melted.

Remove from the fire and allow the mixture to cool. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and add them to the cooled mixture of cocoa.

It is very important not to hurry or put the eggs in a hot or uncooked mixture because they will become omelet in the cocoa mixture. Mix dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt).

Gently add the flour to the liquid mixture. There is no need for much confusion.
Fill the baking sockets without overfilling them.

Bake in the heated oven for about 20 minutes, is. Until they are baked.
Decorate with cream or melted chocolate – optional.


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