Quesadilla a perfect Mexican breakfast

Кесадия – съвършена закуска по мексикански

One of the most famous Mexican delicacies is cheese quesadillas a of grated cheese, and toast sauce in. For true smells of spicy latin foods, besides breakfast, these sandwiches are ideal in combination with tequila or a typical Mexican beer such as Corona.

Necessary products:

400 g of chicken breasts
300 g of yellow cheese
3 onions (diced)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
100 ml of tomato sauce
salt, chili, parsley

Method of preparation:

Chicken meat is cut into thin strips, seasoned with olive oil, salt and chilli. Fry it in a Teflon pot without adding fat until the meat gets a nice golden-yellow color.
Mix chicken with tomato sauce, chop the onions, parsley and add 150 g of grated cheese.

On each tortilla, grate the cheese, then add 1/4 of the pre-prepared chicken mixture, shred again the cheese and put tortillas on top. So we sort the other tortillas!

We warm each ketchup on a Teflon pot until the whole cheese melts. We cut them crosswise and serve them.


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