Potato Pizza: A video recipe viewed by over 40 million people in the world

Картофена пица рецепта

The combination of potatoes with ham and cheese is classic, but the recipe that offers the opportunity to make a pizza in this way has become an Internet hit. Over 40 million times the video has been viewed, ranking it among the most popular culinary delights in the world.

Necessary products:

5-6 Potato
1-2 Eggs
pork ham
salt and pepper – all products to taste

Method of preparation:

Clean potatoes well and boil them with bark. Once they are ready, peel them and add butter, eggs, salt and a little pepper, and then stir well to mix well. Add the flour to get a nice dough.

Add more flour if the dough sticks to your hands.

Then put some butter in a preheated pan, then half the dough and tear it to the bottom of the pan. Put the ham and cheese on the dough, then place the other part of the dough on top.

Allow roasting for 3 to 4 minutes, then turn over the other side until it gets red.

Here’s the video:


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