Caramelized apples – a perfect taste from childhood

Рецепти за карамелизирани ябълки

Caramelized apples – a perfect taste from childhood

If one of the joys of your childhood is the annual fair or fest in your town, then you know 100% of the charm of a caramelized apple. Today you can try it again, but this time, we promise you that you will not say that “they are not like one time.” The proposed recipe for caramelized apples promises the same taste and appetizing appearance but more gentle teeth!


12 pcs. sweet, not too large red apples
1 hrs. glucose
2 hrs. sugar
1 hrs. liquid cream
4 tablespoons butter
confectionery paint with a nice red or cherry color


Well-washed and dried red apples are cleaned from the handles. Instead, a wooden bake for baking.
Preheat the glucose in seconds in the microwave. Mix it with sugar and put it together to get it on the hot plate. Do not forget to mix to get a smooth, homogeneous blend.

And cream must warm up in the microwave and only then add the red confectionary paint to it.
Once you have removed the caramel from the fire, add the cream and continuously stirring the cream. It is normal for the mixture to tighten, do not worry. Return everything on the hot plate and add the oil at a lower temperature.

Once everything melts and you get a perfect, dense red mix. In it you immerse the apples nicely by keeping them on the spit.
Cover them nicely with red caramel, let them drain from the excess of cooking paper.

You can serve caramelized apples simply either with a fine drawing of chocolate topping or sticks!


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