How to make “golden” eggs? A simple trick to shine not only at Easter

Как да приготвим златни яйца

Do you want to surprise your friends for Easter and not only ?! You do not have to spend all your energy and time in heavy appetizers and special snacks. Instead of the usual cooked painted masterpieces, you can offer … Golden eggs!

To do this, prepare:

Fresh eggs – as much as you like
An old blouse with a long sleeve
Plastic bag

How are they prepared?

Put each of the eggs in the bag and bend it well in it. Then put it in the sleeve of the blouse and tie at the end with a rope to form a “candy.”

VERY IMPORTANT! The distance between the two ropes should be 10 cm!

Turn the sleeve several times, and then tighten strongly in the horizontal direction.
Repeat the process at least 15 times.

The next step is the most important: Check with a flashlight if the yolk is well shattered in the shell. This is done with the help of a flashlight and in the dark. The fresh egg appears translucent, and the broken egg is tight.

Bring to boil in boiling water for 8 minutes. Then decorate it as you like it. At the Easter lunch or special lunch, you’ll be surprised by your guests – once they begin to peel the shells, they will have the opportunity to taste the perfect golden eggs!

The whole process of preparing golden eggs can be seen here:


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