How to make colourful salt in home? (Traditional granny’s recipe with spice mix)

Рецепта за шарена сол традиционна

The scent of childhood or simply — the grandmother’s amazing dishes usually have two “secret” ingredients — their own colorful salt and love. We can help you at least with the spice, for which we found a traditional recipe and special recommendations for its preparation.

Necessary products:

10 large savory root – sun-dried, dried in the shade, ground
5 handfuls of corn beans – dried, roasted, finely ground
40g pepper ground
20 g finely ground cumin
6 cups of fennel seed
35 hot peppers, coarsely ground
100 g of sweet pepper
200 g pumpkin seeds
salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Grind all products in a regular walnut mill. Mix well and do not stop trying until you get the taste you are looking for. You can, of course, experiment — adding quantities or taking away — it’s all a matter of your own taste.
Finally, sift through the soda salt to obtain a homogeneous mixture that you can even put in a salt pan. Store the remaining spice in a tightly closed container, in the dark and dry.


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