How to make hot rakiya – the Bulgarian elixir?

Греяна ракия рецепта

Warm rakiya / brandy is a traditional Bulgarian elixir, which is a special tribute to the long winter nights. It heats the body and the soul, neutralizing every kind of witches. It combines perfectly with homemade cheeses, aromatic grills or soup.

Necessary products:

100 g brandy
1c. natural honey
30 grams of lime-colored decoction – The literate preparation is the ratio: 1 ct. linden color is boiled for 10 minutes in 250 ml of mineral water.

For flavor and strength you can also add: a pinch of pepper, apple peel, orange or lemon.

Method of preparation:

The products are placed in copper (!) Jets to slow down. Once the brandy is cooked, pour it into small cups.
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