How to make chips on a spit (Video)

Как се приготвя чипс на шиш или т.нар. картофени спирали рецепта стъпка по стъпка

If you are a true fan of delicious potatoes, we believe you will enjoy this interesting video in which you can learn how to make attractive spirals from them.

With a simple procedure you and your family can enjoy your favorite taste but also offer a small attraction for them. Whether you call a recipe for “Spice Chips,” “Chips on a Stick,”or”Roasted Spirits”, you’ll only need half an hour to prepare a snack for the match with a”party” burger for the kids party or an afternoon snack.

Necessary products:

Fresh potatoes – as much as you need
Oil, salt, garlic powder and all other spices – to taste
Baking slices

Method of preparation:

Turn the oven on 200 degrees. While warming, wash the potatoes well and pinch them on the spits. The sticks must have stayed well in a water for at least 40 minutes and upwards. This prevents them from burning in the oven. Before you can dab them, rub some cooking oil.

Cut the potatoes spirally – start at one end and all along the length, taking care not to separate the parts with the knife.

Slightly stretch them to get a corkscrew shape.
Place potato skewers in a deep pan with a diameter smaller than the sticks to get out of it, but do not rest on the bottom of the pot. If you do not have it, spread the baking tray.

Cover with oil as a video or a cooking brush. Sprinkle the spices you like.

Arrange the spoon on the tray and put it in the oven. Baking should last for a maximum of 40 minutes, is. Turn the potatoes to 15-20 minutes. The spirals acquire an appetizing golden color, and the edges are crispy-brown tan.

You can serve them with skewers or remove the potato spirals to arrange them as a side dish. They can be eaten or served with grated cheese on top and ketchup.

How to make chips on a spit or the so-called potato spirals step by step you can see here:


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