Easter Ideas: 3 simple recipes for paint eggs

Как да боядисаме яйцата за Великден?
Как да боядисаме яйцата за Великден?

How to paint eggs for Easter?
Easter knocks on the door, and along with the interesting recipes we’re going to offer, the question comes about how to paint the eggs. In our tips and tricks section, today we will introduce you for three unusual ideas for decorating Easter eggs.

1. Decoration of eggs with bands
This method is quite simple and at the same time quite effective. Boil the eggs, wrap them in a few rubber bands, and then cover them with cloth or something else to avoid shuffling. Immerse them in the egg paint and keep them for a few minutes. When done, remove the eggs and let them dry with the elastic. Then remove the elastic and see the shapes that have formed. You can experiment this way as you wish.

For more information, see the video below.

2. Decorate eggs with lace

In fact, in this case, you can use a technique similar to the deck, or just wrap the egg in the lace and dip it. Once it has dried, the figures to be printed will imitate real lace. The other option is to use shredded protein as a glue, and on the already painted egg to place a colored lace in different colors. You can fix it with the protein and let it dry. It looks beautiful, and it’s a great way to use old lace. Likewise, you can improvise with threads.

3. Eggs with rice

Another great technique for decorating Easter eggs. In diluted pastry, immerse grains of rice (at least half a cup of coffee) and wait for it to be colored. Drain on kitchen paper and then transfer to a plate. Boil and warm eggs again with crumbled protein and roll into rice beans. If you do them only for decoration, it is best to smear the shells with glue. And the veil. You have the perfect Easter eggs.


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