Ideal crunchy potatoes in 10 minutes – no grams of fat!

Идеални хрупкави картофи за 10 минути – без грам мазнина!

Everyone loves french fries, but they know they are not good for health! In order to please them, we will offer them a recipe that will give them a crunchy pleasure without fat, and within ten minutes!

Necessary products:

500 grams of potatoes;
one egg white
1 tsp. ground red pepper;
½ tsp. salt;
ground pepper – to taste;

Method of preparation:

Potatoes are washed, peeled and cut into rods (as they are available in fast food chains).

We kindly rinse them in a colander to “drop” the starch, otherwise they will not crumble.

Put the potatoes on a paper towel and dry them.

Remove the protein, crush it with a fork, then add salt, pepper, pepper to taste. You can also add spices like dry garlic, dry parsley or other favorite fragrance.

The important thing is finally to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Put the potato sticks in a deep bowl, pour the resulting sauce and mix well.

Cover a baking paper or foil and put the pieces of potatoes on it – one layer and some distance apart.

Put the tray in the oven, preheated to 220 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

They will be ready as soon as their surface becomes red. Serve the cooked crisp potatoes with your favorite sauce!


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