Bread in baking pack – warm, aromatic with crispy crust

Рецепта за хляб в плик за печене

Mixed bread from you will always be more delicious for the family. If you want to experience yourself, however, you will certainly try an alternative recipe. In this case, we suggest that you make bread in a baking envelope, provided that the same proportions can be used in a bakery, but by doubling the recipe.


Flour 230 g
2 gr dry yeast in the flour
65 ml of fresh milk
65 ml. hot water
Oil 50 ml
Salt 1 tsp.
Sugar 1 tsp.


You mix the dough well. Boil warm for 30 minutes and then form the bread roll. Place the prepared dough in a baking envelope.

Put it in a tray, put it in a 60-degree oven with a fan for another 30 minutes to refresh once more.

After half an hour, remove the tray and turn on the oven to warm up to 160 degrees without stopping the fan. Then put the tray with the full envelope for 45 minutes.

Immediately remove the roasted bread to prevent it from getting wet with the condensation. Allow it to cool slightly and bring it with a break. It is so fragrant and crunchy that it will be the sin of cutting it into slices!

Note: If you want to use a bakery, use “Kneading and Rising” and follow the steps.


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