Greek Batzina- Green bread pie

Μπατζινα Батзина рецепта

The lovers of Greek cuisine can also try to prepare a bread pie with products that correspond to the season. It does not require sticking because it is without bark, but it is no less delicious than that of the grandmother.

Necessary products:

For the dough:

4 eggs
2 hrs. flour
1 hrs. corn flour
1 hrs. meal.
1/2 hr. oil
2 hrs. water
1 bucket of yogurt

For the stuffing:

500 grams of greens that you can find in the garden – dock, spinach, lewure, sorrel, nettle
Parsley, mint, dill – to taste
200 g of salted cheese
1 linen fresh green onion
1 onion onion

Method of preparation:

The stuffing is done in advance by adding the finely chopped onion and the well-washed and chopped green. Stew to soften. Remove the dish from the fire and add the crushed cheese.
Separately break eggs with yogurt. Add to them oil, water salt pepper. Gradually and with stirring add the flour and semolina.

In a large pan, pour half the mixture. Pour the stuffing over and straighten it up.
We pour the remaining mixture of flour, milk and eggs over it. Put in the oven and bake 170 degrees until ready. It should be pinked above, but it’s nice to check the pie with a stick.
Once removed from the oven, you should not be in a hurry to cut Badzina.
Waiting for a little to cool. Makes the crust crisp. You can serve with yogurt or cold ayran!


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