French toast with apple cider: Turn breakfast into gourmet

Рецепта за френски тост от френската кухня

Holy feasts are a good reason to turn even breakfast into something special. For connoisseurs of fine French cuisine, we give a toast recipe with apple cider. Believe us – such a pleasure from a few slices you have not experienced!

Necessary products:

Slices of bread
Condensed milk
3 eggs
1 package of butter
Apple puree
1 package Cream cheese
Maple syrup
A bottle of apple cider/or so-called cider/
3 tablespoons sugars

Method of preparation:

For the filling: mix the cream cheese with maple syrup to taste (but it should not be too liquid, just a creamy mass), add a large spoon of apple puree, a tablespoon of cider, cinnamon and vanilla (optional). Stir and leave aside.
For syrup: Stir with 1 scoop of cider, 3/4 cup maple syrup, add sugar and put to boil at medium temperature. Allow draining about 2/3 and cool.

Then prepare the French toasts:

1. Beat in a bowl of eggs, 100 ml of milk, 3 large spoonfuls of apple puree, cinnamon. And look at the shape of the bowl. It is important because later it should be convenient to dip your toast.

2. We take a slice of bread, spread on it 1-2 teaspoons of the filling that we have prepared earlier, leaving a little space around the edges. Cover with a second slice. Do not waste your fill to taste the French toast.

3. Dip each ready-made toast into the bowl on both sides and let it dip for a minute and a half.

4. Heat the butter in the pan, dilute it a little with vegetable oil so it does not burn. From the bowl, move the toast into the pan and fry at medium temperature on both sides to golden brown.

Arrange the finished slices on a plate and serve with the prepared syrup. Liquid is perfect for this breakfast. The well-soaked French toast is divinely delicious!


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