Baking paper or foil? Things of preparing different dishes in an oven

Фолио или хартия за печене – кое кога се използва

In the housewife’s arsenal, often using an oven, there are always foil and parchment. Their use greatly simplifies the care of the oven and allows you to quickly clean the pans and trays. Baking meat, fish, vegetables, homemade pastries – all this requires certain processing conditions.

Cooking foils may have different densities. In some species, one side has a special coating that prevents the food from sticking. This foil is convenient to use for dishes whose recipes include cheese or to get the perfect bark.

The main thing is not to confuse: the cover is matte. Even in the absence of coating, the gluing of the products can be avoided. To do this, simply smear the inside of the foil with oil.

As for baking paper, there is no need to lubricate it with oil. The products do not stick to the quality parchment in general. The exception may be very sticky and liquid dough. In this case, the paper should be sprinkled with some flour.

Foil or baking paper – what is it used for?

You should always remember that parchment is not used for cooking at temperatures above 210 degrees. Do not use parchment even when you have to pack the products by almost repeating their shape. Potatoes or beets in the foil will be softer and juicy if you use a foil.

For meat and poultry it is better to use thick foil. They must be wrapped after adding spices or soaking in the marinade so that small openings for air access remain. Approximately half an hour before the end of the cooking, the foil unfolds so that the roast will rust.

For steamed fish with vegetables, it is better to choose parchment to put in pockets in portions. If you want to get a red fish, use foil.

To bake pastry, it is mostly parchment, cover the bottom of the tray and separate grease on the sides. The only exception is brussels baking. Thick foil can also be used instead of the shape to make a fig-shaped pastry.


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