Extravagant recipe for “Baba ghanoush” – arabic kyopolou with pomegranate

Баба гануш рецепта с нар

Baba ghanoush slowly takes on a slowly but surely first place in popularity among the Arabian gossips. Combine greatly with all kinds of meat dishes, well seasoned with spices. The classic recipe is enriched with a pomegranate, and eventually you get a healthy and very interesting appetizer.

Necessary products:

2 eggplants (large)
1 tomato
1 green pepper
A bunch of parsley
2 stalks of a green onion
1 onion clove
½ Pomegranate
15 ml of lemon juice
60ml of olive oil
30g tahini
1 tsp.red pepper
Salt and pepper

Method of preparation:

We start with aubergine. As a rule, in order to get an aromatic gnawing, aubergine must be baked on a grill or on a fire, spinning continuously. If you have this opportunity, bake for 10 minutes until it completely softens.Otherwise, cut aubergines in half, add salt, add some olive oil and bake at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes.

They must soften completely. While baking, cut the peppers, young onion and parsley – as much as you can. Then peel the tomato, remove the seeds from the inside, add to the fine ground and place in a colander to drain the liquid.

Once the eggplant is baked and cooled, peel it off and clean it thoroughly. Put in the deep bowl of vegetables, add tahini, pomegranate, lemon juice and olive oil. Stir and add spices. You can pass your grandmother’s grandmother if you like.
Serve it with a cold drink or in combination with meat.


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