Home made Ropotamo salad: How to preserve fish at home?

рецепта за Домашно Ропотамо

If you are a fisherman (or married), you certainly want to taste more than traditional meals. Roasted and boiled fish is extremely useful, but sea products should be eaten every season. In winter or after the sea “has not given,” you can open a can. Best done so that you proudly call it a home-made “Ropotamo.”

Necessary products:

10kg fish fillet/or cleaned from flakes, entrails, head and tail /

For marinade:

1 bottle of oil
1 bottle of real apple vinegar
Salt to taste
1 pint of pepper

For Ropotamo Sauce:

Two jars /x800g /thick tomato paste
1 jar of sterilized cucumbers cut into circles
1 jar of marinated pepper, cut
500 g well-cooked ripe beans
500g frozen peas
1 p. ground cumin

Method of preparation:

Cut the cleaned fish well into 5 centimeter pieces.

Rout them in a deep and large tray. Soak them and pour them on the bottles of olive oil and vinegar and a pack of pepper. Mix well, cover the aluminum foil and bake for three hours at 150 degrees.Then turn off and keep the full tray staying overnight.

On the following day, prepared and well-washed jars are removed. Take the spoon from the tray and pour the fish in a jar. After each shot 1 tbsps puree and other products – until the fish is completely exhausted from the tray. Before you can “seal” the jars pour into each 2 tsp marinate. The home-made “Ropotamo” is closed with caps, and the jars are set for 2 hours and 30 minutes.


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