Homemade cream cheese-like a bowl for the palate

Рецепта за домашно крема сирене

Cream cheese is made very quickly and home is far cheaper than in the store. It can be used for salads and combined with warm bread is a perfect combination. If you are going to experiment with the taste of childhood, as adults, you can offer a meal of cream cheese with small chili and dry parsley at your table.


1 liter of milk
70 grams of margarine lump
1/2 pack of citric acid


Milk is set to warm when we put our finger to heat. Then remove it from the hot plate and add the citric acid. Allow to ferment for 3 hours. Take a gauze and fold in four to get a thick layer. Pour the milk into it and leave it for 5 to 6 hours. Then place the drained milk in a deeper vessel, add the margarine and whisk with a blender.


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