Homemade crunchy rolls – easy and healthy recipe

Рецепта за рулца от раци или домашни рачешки рулца

If you love salads that include crunchy rolls but do not want to buy them, we have the right recipe for you. They will get 100% healthy and although they do not look like those in the store, the flavor is very similar, and the taste is incredible! The recipe for homemade crèche rolls is suitable for any type of sea or green salad – enjoy it at will!

Necessary products:

4 tablespoons Soy sauce
500g Fish fillet/Mingtai, cod, pangasius /
4 tablespoons Potato starch
50ml Water
2 tablespoons Nori/or dry algae /
2 tablespoons Dried sweet pepper

Method of preparation:

Remove the fish fillet from the bones and cut into small pieces. Grind dry seaweed or nori to get 2 tablespoons. Pay attention to the amount of sauce to avoid over salt.

In the blender, cut the fish fillet, red pepper and algae powder. Add spices later. In the resulting “mince” put soy sauce and stir well.

Transfer the ground meat into a saucepan to boil on low heat, stirring occasionally. If the filling begins to stick to the bottom, add 100 ml of water.

Dilute the potato starch with cold water (50 ml). Add to the fish fillet, stirring well. Boil until thickened. At this stage, you can cook in the microwave oven.

The prepared mass is placed in a rectangular shape, cooled, cut into rods and frozen. If you do not have a very compact table, you can wrap each stick in a cooker and freeze it (like the kernel rolls).

To prepare the salad, lightly defrost the required number of rods and cut them into cubes. In the cubes salad retain its shape, but do not expect to remain so long.

If you want another option instead of paprika and seaweed, you can use crab spice, which becomes the main flavor. If you want to make it home by drying and grinding crab and shrimp shells, add 200 grams of shrimp meat.

Do not be afraid of the experiments any recipe for homemade crèche rolls is delicious and far healthier than the ones offered in the store!


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