Homemade chicken giros made in the oven

Домашен гирос по гръцки

For people who live in Greece or have lived there for a while, there is no delicious fast giros breakfast. In this rainy weather you can feel far from the beauty of the Mediterranean and the warm sunshine, but you can always awaken your beautiful memories with home-cooked temptation. Favorite chicken giro from home can be done in your own oven!


10 pieces of chicken breasts
4 glasses of yoghurt
½ lemon
Chopped parsley
Spices as desired
1 onion
12 tortillas (optional by quantity)
French fries.


Cut two chicken breasts and place them in a deep pan.

Make marinade of yoghurt, half lemon juice and parsley. You mix the products well.

Pour the breast with marinade and cover the pan with the cooking foil. Put in the fridge for an hour to take the meat juice and the flavor of the marinade.
Then place a baking sheet on a large baking pan, and on it a half-head large red onion. In the center of it lay a wooden spoon.

On a skewer, strain the chicken breasts. When you order all, put half a tomato on them.
Around the shisha set peeled and sliced ​​potatos.

Put the tray in a preheated oven at 220 degrees. Bake meat and potatoes for 20 minutes.
Finished meat and potatoes are served on a wooden board. You can add onions or salad.

Make a gyros in the familiar way – with a big knife cut pieces of meat. Place them on the toaster with your favorite sauces, onion, salad. The resulting taste in no way be inferior to what you have tried in Greece!

See how to make a home gyros in the oven in the video here:


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