Homemade candy “Seabed” – a quick and super easy recipe

Домашни бонбони „Морско дъно” - бърза и супер лесна рецепта

Easily and quickly make attractive candy “Seabed”. You can get the same taste at home, but you will enjoy it for a longer time and you can prepare them for a gift!

Necessary products:

200 g of milk chocolate
200 g of white chocolate
If you can, you can add 200 g of pink chocolate

Method of preparation:

You melt the two types of chocolate separately in a water bath. Then place each one in a pouch bag (or at least a bag with a nozzle) and distribute into the silicone molds “Seabed”. If you do not have one, you can use the original candy form available in the store.
Allow the melted chocolate to cool for 10 minutes and put the candy in the fridge for half an hour.

If you have another type of silicone molds, with the same proportion of chocolates you can prepare not only “Seabed” candies. Whatever you prepare, you’ll get as much as a box!


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