How to make homemade Fanta?

Домашна фанта без консерванти

A good mother does not give her children carbonated beverages, but she can enjoy them with a natural fruity taste. Your favorite Fanta can be accessed even for the smallest ones, as long as you make it at home with the healthiest recipe possible! The alternative is apricot compote with the addition of secret ingredients. Such a delicacy will be appreciated not only by children but also by adults.

This is recipe for a three-liter Fanta.


500 g apricots without stones;
3 pieces of orange;
1 piece of lemon;
1 cup of sugar


In a sterile jar we place the cleaned and cut fruits and sugar, pour boiled water on them and seal. You can sterilize the jar for about ten minutes and drink a home-made Fanta all winter or just turn the jar and wait for the contents to cool for quick consumption – just open, pass and serve.


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