Home-made apple vinegar

If you have apples in surplus, you can make a great home-made vinegar to save money and spend a whole year.


120 g of sugar per liter of water +50 g per liter of ready-made juice at a later stage
Large, empty bottle of mineral water (5 or 10 liters)


Cut and clear the apples to fill half a bottle of mineral water. Fill it with water and the required amount of sugar for each liter you pour into it. This is the basis for white vinegar, but if you want vinegar with a darker pink color, the apples are left for 12 hours without water to whip.

Do not close the bottle and put a piece of gauze on your throat to keep the fermentation process smooth. It ends when the fruit falls to the bottom. Strain the resulting juice. Add to it 50 grams of sugar per liter of juice. Again ferment in the known way.

A “sponge” is produced in the final, which, when it falls, means that vinegar is ready for consumption.

Remarks: The process lasts for months – even 5, but that should not bother you because the result is worth it.

If you get a new “sponge”, do not worry. It does not damage your vinegar, even – on the contrary.


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