Recipe for universal dough for a bakery

Рецепта за универсално тесто

Cakes, pizzas and pastries can be made with the same, long lasting dough – versatile in application and easy to prepare.


2 eggs
1 hour of sugar
1 tsp. salt
500 ml. milk
3 tsp yoghurt
3 liters of oil
1 packet of baking powder
20 g yeast
1 kg. flour


The dish is dissolved in sugar in 200 ml of chilled milk and allowed to warm up to activate.

Put the flour in a large bowl and add a baking powder and salt.
Place the yeast in the middle, put pre-crushed eggs with yogurt.

Mix a soft dough.

Lubricate the bowl with a little oil and then put the ball of the dough, place a transparent foil and cloth and let the dough double in volume.

The dough is ready to make whatever it takes. Bake 200 degrees as needed in a recipe.

Note: If you make sweet cakes, add two tablespoons of ingredients to the universal dough. Sugar, and if you are preparing saltily or meat dishes – another spoon of salt.

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