Chips of garlic – crunchy pleasure with spicy flavor

Чеснов чипс рецепта за чипс от чесън

Garlic chips is not just an appetizing beer snack, but a great addition to a dish that requires sharp spices. You can use them for purposes, dust them, and store them in a glass container. Garlic chips are not as strong as their main product, but their taste will appeal to every fan of the vegetable.


10-inch garlic heads
Salt or other favorite spices to taste
Frying oil


Peel the cloves of garlic one by one. Clean, wash and cut into thin slices.
Let them stay for four hours to dry well. Then taste them.
Fry the cloves in oil, taking care not to burn them.
Remove them with a spoon and put them on a napkin or cooking paper.


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