Cheesecake with raspberries-express dessert for 5 minutes

Cookies – a cheesecake with a raspberry filling that does not need a baking-dessert with unique flavor and simplicity of preparation. We are pleased to offer unique dessert-cheesecake biscuits with filling, which look like painted, have a unique taste and are prepared literally for 5 minutes.

Necessary products:

¾ cup of chocolate – dark or milky
170 g of raspberries (about 30 pieces)
55 g of cream cheese at room temperature
1.5 tablespoons sugars
¼ t. Vanilla (optional)

Method of preparation:

Place a baking sheet on a tray or other flat pot.

Put the chocolate in the bowl and melt it completely for a few seconds in the microwave.

Dip each fruit to 2/3 in the melted chocolate and arrange them on the baking paper.

Separately, in a deep dish, whip the cream with the sugar and vanilla until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Transfer it to a bag and make a hole at the top with scissors.

Fill all raspberries with the resulting filling by gently draining the mixture from the bag. Equalize with a knife.

Put them in the refrigerator to cool.


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