How to prepare a fast pastry with small products?

Лесна баница за икономични домакини
Лесна баница за икономични домакини

How to Prepare a Fast Pastry With Small Products
To make a quick pastry you do not need many products. And with a minimal set of ingredients, you can make a delicious temptation that will appeal to everyone.

Here are the products you need:

1 package of pancakes

200 g of cheese

1 pot of yoghurt – 400 g

2 eggs

Oil or butter — about 60 — 70 g

1 hour spoonful of soda

Method of preparation:
Take the bowl and whisk the egg with the yogurt. Add melted butter or oil, baking soda and cheese. Mix everything well.

Throw the tray and place a layer of pancakes. Put from the finished mixture and cover with more bark. Cut peel and mix until the mixture is over and top with peel.

Cut into squares and top up butter pieces. Beat the second egg with a brown cup of water and pour it over.

Bake in a preheated oven at 220-240 degrees about 40 minutes!

Enjoy your meal!


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