Banana cheesecake in a glass: Unique dessert for 10 minutes

Ббърз бананов чийзкейк рецепта

Do you have the mood for something sweet, easy and again in a glass ?! This dessert is prepared very quickly and simply and has a remarkable flavor. In just 10 minutes you can surprise your loved ones with a banana cheesecake in a glass that will undoubtedly become their favorite dessert.


340 grams of fresh cheese
1 banana
120 ml of milk
vanilla extract
235 milliliters of maple syrup


Mix in the blender all the ingredients until you get a thick pudding mixture. Serve it in cups and enjoy!


If you want to get a thicker mixture, add coconut flour and you can leave the mixture in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to cool and harden.


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