American classic: Dessert “Rocky Road” with no baking

Американска класика: Десерт „Роки роуд” без печене

Very easy to prepare, very tasty and incredibly attractive – America’s favorite dessert tea can be prepared without baking. “Rocky Road” / “Rocky Road” / you will surely like it. It has a sweet taste of white chocolate in combination with nuts, dried fruit, and fruit is perfectly balanced. It is generally very durable, but it eats scary fast!


400 grams of white chocolate;
100 grams of nuts (preferably a mixture of pistachios + and others);
150 grams of marshmallow (“kisses”);
100 grams of fruit jelly / jelly candies /;
100 grams of dried blueberries (or other berries)


On a rectangular baking sheet, unwrap the cooking paper.
Cut nuts, kisses, jellies, fruits, mix everything. Put in shape.
Crumble the white chocolate, melt it in a water bath or in a microwave.
Pour the white chocolate mixture into a mixture of nuts, kisses, fruits and jelly.
Transfer the pan into the refrigerator until it freezes (from 3 hours to the whole night).
Remove from the form, remove the paper, cut into portions. Serve the “Rocky Road” dessert with tea.


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