Green tomato Ajvar

Зелен айвар рецепта със зелени домати

Lovers of unusual recipes have long found a way to diversify the winter. Once they know the taste of the easy-to-cook green leafy, they can try to make a green Ajvar.


2 kg of green tomatoes
3-4 bigger horseradish roots
200 grams of mustard
400 ml of oil


Wash the green tomatoes thoroughly, clean them and chop them.
Drain their water into the sieve or colander.
Mix them with mustard, grated horseradish, oil and salt. Mix well, then put in clean jars. Cover with cellophane and get ready with green Ajvar for quick consumption!


If you do not want to drain the juice from the tomatoes, after you crumble them and mix them with the products, put them in the neck. The green Ajvar is ready when a “path” comes to the surface of the spoon you are confused with!


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