5 ideas for decorating the Easter table

Свежи идеи за декорация за Великден сн. tocka.com.mk
Свежи идеи за декорация за Великден сн. tocka.com.mk

How to decorate the Easter table?

Easter is not limited to the great dishes we can prepare. On the holiday day we can also show creativity and style to transform the festive table. We offer you five great decoration ideas that are easy and fast to perform. And also very, very beautiful.

1. Rabbit
Place the egg in an egg stand and wrap around it a napkin twisted in length. Form the two ends as ears, then tie them with a rope and place them on the table.

2. Glasses – candlesticks
In artificial grass, arrange two or three eggs to cover with wine glasses or for cognac. At the top, arrange tea candles and have perfect candlesticks in tune with the holiday.

Свежи идеи за декорация за Великден сн. tocka.com.mk

 3. Full vase with eggs
In a wide jar or vase (transparent) arrange the eggs. Top up spring flowers that you can wrap in wet cotton to hide between eggs. And the veil – you have a great decoration for the table.

4. Flowers in eggs
Another idea of ​​decorate that you can put on the plate. Empty egg shells with a ribbon, open them on both ends and place a flower inside. So finished decoration can be placed in a plate or on a napkin on the table. Beautiful and spectacular.

5. Nest on a plate
In an ordinary porcelain or ceramic dish, arrange dry grass or hay, put inside egg, and arrange fresh flowers on the sides. You can arrange these plates in front of everyone for gathering the eggs, or in the middle of the table as a decoration.


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