The 10 secrets of perfect potato puree are revealed!

Съвършеното пюре на Жоел Робюшон

Everyone loves puree, but few can prepare delicately, without lumps, perfectly as consistency and taste. If you are among those who do not get them, then you are confusing something in preparation. Learn the 10 secrets of perfect potato puree and you will never be wrong with preparing the toppings.

1. Use the appropriate potatoes

The best choice for potato puree is medium hard potatoes because they have more starch and you will get a fluffy mixture. Other options are not hard, which do not boil easily or too soft, which turn into potato.

2. Cut them on the same pieces

If you cut the potatoes into different pieces, the larger pieces will not be soft enough, and the smaller pieces will be unpleasant in appearance and taste. Because of the differences between them, you will never get the perfect creamy paste. So cut the potatoes equally, put them in cold water, let them bite and soften.

3. When is the potato ready?

Neither raw nor cooked – the perfect potato, which makes a tasty puree, is the potato that easily passes the tip of the knife

4. Press them a little

If you use a blender or wire stirrer, you make a mistake. Starch in potatoes requires more delicate processing to avoid becoming a sticky mixture.

5. What to add?

Stir carefully and add cream, oil or boiled milk! Mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

6. Milk “spices” should not be cold

If you place them at room temperature, they will mix better with potatoes and at the same time prevent excessive potato decay.

7. Be careful with the quantities

By putting dairy supplements, you should be extremely careful. You need potato puree, not a milk soup with potatoes.

8. Fat in exact proportion

Famous culinary trainer Joel Robueschon has given a recipe for potato puree, which won not only Michelin stars, but also the title “Cook of the Century”:

Potato purée of Joel Robueschon
1 kg. Potatoes
500g butter
Salt and pepper – flavor
Milk 150ml

Cook, peel and pepper potatoes. Put their on very low heat to keep their heat.
Add pre-frozen to -25 degrees cow butter. Mix it in the potatoes without removing it from the hot plate.
When the two products mix well, remove the pot from the plate. Add milk and season with pepper and salt.

9. The clearest secret!

When you make the perfect mashed potatoes, you only need the right amount of salt and pepper – even without the last!

10. Serve it warmly

If for some reason the potato puree cools, you can solve the problem by placing it over the saucepan with boiling water or adding some boiled milk to it!


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